Start Your Day with Coffee and a Prayer

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


1st sign near Lake Superior. Do they love to fish or does that mean fish are nearby?

2nd in Blue Ridge, GA at a shop that sells (read the sign). The dog could be a TM, not sure but he is a happy fellow.

3rd also in Blue Ridge, guess what they sell? All sorts of Kitty and Puppy stuff.


  1. I like them all. The last one the most.


  2. Great signs! If you're going to hang a sign it ought to be eye catching, like these, and indicate what you sell. The first one with the fish is very artistic, but am I eating fish or buying tackle?

  3. I am a sign readaholic and they often give me a giggle.

  4. What a great batch of signs, they are very eye catching. The last one is my favorite but only because they added '& cats too'.