Start Your Day with Coffee and a Prayer

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little older today, well a total of 58 yrs.

Mom put this pic on Facebook, I really love this happy baby.

Had a great day, my 58th birthday today. Have been MIA on my blog page. Need to do some catching up.

Health is good. Diabetes getting under control. Children, grandchildren and Mom doing well. Job is good. Went to a 4 day 10 hr work week. Off on Monday, making it a 3 day weekend, who could ask for more. Planning a trip in a week and a half to Las Vegas to meet up with a girlfriend from high school who I have not seen in a long long time.  She lives in Seattle so we are meeting in LV for a long weekend. Then I must go on to San Francisco for the rest of the week because I can and you know I love to make every minute count.  Hope the weather is good. Looking forward to the trip.