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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Atlanta, GA I-75/I-85 southbound

This was taken going through downtown Atlanta. I was thinking how many people have to travel this road on their way to the southern part of Georgia and Florida. I always wonder what they think; are we a clean city, too big, good looking, or I wouldn't want to live there. Wishing all travelers a safe journey and interesting sights. 


This is a photo challenge by The Brenda Photo Challenge, go to to post your highway or bi-ways photos. There theme is Highways & Bi-ways... Places that take you somewhere...It could be a road or a river, a hiking trail or a freeway, or anything that pertains to the highway, byway, etc.!Thanks Judy and Brenda. This is going to be fun and interesting I am sure. 

The cute picture above is Brenda's and I love it.


  1. Great photos, you bring back memories of driving that stretch of road, many times. The skyline doesn't look all that different from the way I remember it. Interesting thought on how first time visitors think about Atlanta.

    Don't forget to go to the challenge page and let everyone know your post is up.


  2. Its fun travelling down all the highways and byways in America, when I don't even live there.

  3. Nice photos of the freeway, the tall buildings at the backdrop made it appear like a postcard! Pretty!

  4. Thank YOU for joining in with us!!! Love your photos and you are Right! Anything to challenge our brains AND have fun! I'll be posting the NEXT Challenge later on this afternoon! Stop in and join!!hughugs

  5. These look familiar, even though I have never been to Atlanta. They could have been taken in Portland, Oregon, though! But the road through a city leads to other places and other experiences.
    Thanks for the visit, and blessings!

  6. Thanks for joining the challenge! Love your highways pics. Looks as if you've had the same cloudy days that we have had in Texas recently.

  7. Oh, I remember that stretch of interstate! I haven't been down there in about 4-5 years, back when a brother got married. He is a professor over at Emory. For a big city, Atlanta is probably better than most!

    Thanks for the memories! And I see you are "enjoying" soggy weather like we are in TN!