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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Remember Whensday 1969

Me on the football field Homecoming game October 1969. I wish I knew then what I know now. Famous words.  Forest Park Senior Highschool in Forest Park, Georgia. The ROTC did the escorting. My Mom made the dress. Red velveteen with a sliver and bead trim at the empire waist. I think she still has the dress hanging in a closet. I still have the gloves. I am sure the shoes were dyed to match probably from Baker's shoes. Remember the cloth shoes we all had dyed to match and sometimes even a clutch purse. I remember smoothing out that hair and then going out in the humidity and it would start poofing out. We did not have much to tame the hair with back then. A little dippity doo, hot rollers, hairspray, and that was just about it. I also had this lanolin by Breck that came in a spray can. It worked pretty good on my coarse hair.  Thanks Sally for letting me remember.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE it!!! What a beautiful dress and you looked so elegant. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Beautiful photo! Yes, I remember having my fabric-covered heels dyed golden yellow in 1965 to match the golden yellow prom dress I wore.

    I'm so glad that I finally discovered the flat iron for my wavy hair!

  3. I thought at first you had somehow gotten one of my old high school photos! Remember sleeping in those horrible rollers? It's a wonder we didn't get brain damage.

  4. Stunning! Beautiful dress and gorgeous hair on a pretty lady! You are so lucky to have photos like these preserved!

    I had the same cut of gown -my aunt made it.

    I do remember sleeping on the rollers -some foamy, others were the plastic kind! Hahaha!