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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

M is for misting rain right now.

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It is misting rain tonight. The weather is cooler and very wet. Took Daisy dog out to do her thing and I was thinking is it going to be dry one day.  I do remember dry days. I need to do some yard work; grass cutting, limb cutting, etc. I still have 3 bags of cedar mulch to put somewhere that has been on my driveway all summer. It has been either too hot or too wet. I have noticed some trees turning a bit orange and yellow. I was worried that fall was going to pass Georgia by.  I love the fall colors and leaves falling but I think the weather needs to be cool and dry.

So my word for tonight is misting rain. Great for the complexion.

Have a beautiful night.

Just a little something extra. I love the group Fleet Foxes (one song I love is "In the hot, hot rays").

Above photo credit goes to weather picture - weather photo - in the mist and rain, by _RedDeath


  1. Your photo is mysterious and romantic. It's raining/sleeting/snowing in the mountains of CO. Our leaves have already fallen. I'm sure you'll soon have some fall colors to share - when it stops raining...

  2. And here am I wishing it would rain.

  3. I don't enjoy misting rain, but this photo is really beautiful. I like its perspective and also a street lamp and a couple in the distance give the photo some mysterious and romantic look.

  4. It's a lovely photo. Great one for black and white. It's also been raining in my part of the world and I'm waiting for dryer weather to do a bit of gardening.

  5. "Look at me"; the song Misty comes to mind.

  6. This could be a picture from my town. All we've had is rain.


  7. What a beautiful picture. It makes one want to go walking in the rain with a sweetheart.
    Our autumn color has not been as spectacular as we are used to here in New England. The summer weather was not good for autumn leaves.

  8. The photo is wonderful and makes me think of Doisneau.

    Want some dryness? Come to Montpellier. We have too much of it!!!!!

  9. What a beautiful, romantic photo. It is just a gorgeous photo.
    Our leaves are being slow but the color is finally starting to brighten up. Hopefully we can enjoy it for a bit before the wind and rains take the leaves away.