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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More about the beach....

I love the beach. Nothing like listening to the surf, seagulls flying close to you especially when you have food, just sitting in the sand and digging. I think the ocean is soothing. I like to walk on the beach especially when the sun goes down and the sand gets cool under your feet. You are always looking out for treasures; shells, driftwood, many things you cannot even name. I have found seaglass and coral pieces. Once I found a dollar bill on the beach.
I also love the colors at the beach. The shades of blue, all those different colors on the shells such as corals, tans, beiges, greys. The faded weathered wood fences. Sea oats, nothing like a sea oat waving in breeze especially when you know it is protected by law. Taboo to pick.
There is not really much on the beach but everything is so beautiful, you just want to take it all home and look at it over and over again. Some sand is fine and white while other beaches are made from pulverized shells that looks like cornmeal.
I will always have fond memories of the beach. My whole life has been going to the beach. I will never tire of it.


  1. What a lovely commentary about the beach.
    I too have a deep appreciation for all the enchanting beaches I have enjoyed my whole life. There is an amazing inner peace that it brings me just to view the sea and all its majesty...

    May all your days be filled with these sweet memories :)

  2. I could, and have, walk on the beach for hours never tiring of its beauty. Like you many of my fondest memories center around beaches. I have seen so many beaches on both coast and walked in all types of sand and as of yet I have never found one I didn't love. Beautiful photos.

    The Walla Walla sweet onion tastes similar to the Vidalia. It can only be grown in a small area here and still be called a Walla Walla sweet. The vidalias are ready before the walla walla's and I usually buy a few when they hit the grocery stores here.

    Have a great weekend,

  3. I love your pictures of the beach!! I'm a beach baby, too. Thanks for following my blog. I hope you'll enjoy it!