Start Your Day with Coffee and a Prayer

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, my special day....

This little guy was on my car antenna.
A little color in the front of my house.
Canopy of trees looking up at the sky in my backyard.

On Saturdays I do not have to wake up and go to work but I always have a list in my head of things I should and would like to do. Most of the time I get something accomplished but first I start drinking coffee, get on the computer, read blogs, drift away on the computer surfboard. Okay I have spent more than an hour just piddling with the mouse so it is time to get moving.

Last night I noticed that my dryer is not getting hot. Oh man I hate the laundry mat. So I decided to get out my book "fix it yourself". It could be the fuse (did not know they had a fuse) or the heating coil. Now I know about that. But how do I know for sure that is the problem. My book showed me how to replace it. Well I will get both the fuse and the coil. So off to Fox appliances (they are the major I mean major parts store for everything) before noon. It is now 10:30 so I better get going. Also my lawnmower is not working and I am not ready to buy another one. I have a neighbor looking at it.
OK, so what happened to Fox being opened on Sat. They are closed. Only place to get those kind of parts. Talked to my neighbor, he is going to look at my dryer. Yippee. He also let me borrow his lawnmower. He is going to fix my poor pitiful one. So first I just cut the back which was mostly weeds (so much tree canopy nothing grows) and the front is a bugger. Thick. I have to keep stopping. Sun is beating down on me and I hope I do not have a sunstroke. You know when you stomach feels funny, hum.....definitely time to break. Plus I cannot get the wheels up. I am sure it is easy to do...but not right now.

This blog should be about neighbors. If anyone is looking for a house check out the neighbors first. If friendly then consider the house. If they never come out of the house, well I would keep looking. It is not that you want them around your business all the time but we should be all be about helping each other.

Well I finished my yard work, used my blower. I love my blower. It beats sweeping the driveway or using water. Talked with my friend who had been doing yard work as well and we decided to go out for Thai food. We have a lovely place distanced between us. We always order Nam Sod ?? and split it. This is a wedge of cabbage, ground pork with spices, cilantro, lemon grass I think, peanuts and scallions. We order peanut sauce on the side. I always order cashew nut chicken and Thai iced coffee. Yummy. We were stuffed and I have more than enough for tomorrow.

I really enjoyed my Saturday. Everyone have a wonderful Sunday.

P.S. I try to be a good neighbor as well. I filled his lawnmower up with gas and blew it off real good with my handy dandy blower. Took it back, put it in his shed and let him know so he could lock his shed up.
Take care now.


  1. For a change we had fine weather in the UK, so bbq last night and this evening; makes a change. Hate gardening!

  2. Glad you have such a great neighbor. They are hard to come by.

  3. What a nice neighborhood, everyone helping each other. It would be a good idea to check out the neighbors before buying a house. We luck out and got a pretty good batch of folks.

    Great shot of the dragonfly. I've about decided that the best way to get photos of them is just let them come to you. I chased for weeks with no luck and when I had all but given up they were everywhere. Go figure.