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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Much better pics of Hummingbird

(click to enlarge picture)

Took these this morning. Just used automatic setting and pushed the zoom as far as it would go. Also used the gizmo that lets you take about 8 pics in a row after pushing the button. They turned out pretty good.

I think this could be a Scenic Sunday in my neck of the woods.

Have a beautiful Sunday. Our God is good. He will provide. Just trust Him.


  1. Very good shots of the little guy. I have not been lucky enough or quick enough to get any photos of the ones around here.

  2. What a pretty feeder,no wonder those hummingbirds hang around it.Great pics!

  3. Yes, much better. They are such pretty creatures.

  4. I love your colorful hummer feeder. Mine is just Wal-Mart basic cheap plastic. And it needs filling, once again. Unfortunately I have no running water so don't really feel like messing with it. My antique RV is breaking down.

    My season is over mid Oct, when I'll be hiking rim to rim. Then I haul the 5th-wheel back to Yarnell and turn around and return for the slidein camper. I must be crazy. I'm planning a road trip to San Diego the first w/e in Nov to see my step-son & x-husband, not seen in 14 years, via Death Valley, never seen.

    Send me an email for more talk about RVing.

  5. Wow, it's so nice to see them visit your feeder. That's a blessing as it can put a smile on your face. Very cute.

  6. Marvelous shots! I love watching the hummingbirds!

  7. This is a great series of pictures! I've not been able to get much of a picture of the hummingbirds that visit my feeder. I always see them when I don't have the camera with me! You have a lovely blog!

  8. A wonderful series of photos, he is so cute. I have one that keeps teasing me, he will hover until I bring up the camera and then he zooms away. One of these days I will get him....I hope.

    Sorry to take so long to visit, I had a bad case of racing-lag which is similar to jet lag only worse. I'm finally getting caught up on sleep and getting some energy back.


  9. Your hummingbird pictures are amazing! I like your uplifting blog.