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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reflections on the Lake

Went over to the college before sunset, right at dusk to try and get a shot of the lake with some reflections. Maybe this is acceptable. You can see the out lines pretty good. Security came by and said they like everyone to wrap it up around dusk because critters come out and needless to say, as my feet were just inches from the lake, I high tailed it out of there.
No need to tell me twice.

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  1. What a beautiful pic!The clouds are reflected in the lake so perfectly.

  2. Don't like critters lurking either. Pretty picture.


  3. Great inky photo of the lake and night - I would have gotten out of there, too. No thanks to having creepy critters crawling! Hope your RV dreams come true...

  4. It is inky looking. Thanks one and all of your gracious comments.

  5. What a cool picture!! It's looks halloweeny to me so critters would have been appropriate!

  6. I haven't posted for w.w. in awhile but was just drawn to this gorgeous enchanting scene! Nice job-