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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today is a little rainy here in Georgia. It has cooled off a bit. It really was hot the beginning of the week. It is June and hot weather is coming soon.

How come it is so hard to keep your mouth closed and not say things you regret. I spent most of today saying to myself that I was going to let something go and then low and behold I spat it out before I could even think. It was my opinion and it was a valid one but my boss disagreed and so that is that. I feel sort of bad now. I shouldn't, but I do. I think the reason is because no one else in the meeting saw my view point, if they did they did not speak up. That always seems to be the case. It really was not a big deal, it just makes me feel insignificant. Even when you think you have good ideas, not everyone always agrees with you. Just shake it off and go on.

So tomorrow is Friday and it is time to think about going to see my grandgirls. It has been a while and I miss them badly. They are so cute, especially the 2 yr old, she says the funniest things. She is growing up too fast.

Also this weekend I need to get together with my girlfriends. I have some Lemon soap I bought in Idaho Springs, CO. They have the neatest shops and I love to stop there on the way to Grand Lake, that is right next to Rocky Mountain National Park. I adore that area. Clean, uncluttered, slow moving and beautiful.

I will just sit here a while and look at my pics. Next year I hope to see those mountains again.

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