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Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Weekend, Now a new Day

The wedding party was a success. All is well with the FiddleSticks. Cake turned out well. Could only do 2 layers, the 3rd one started to split. It was a hit. There was lots of food; barbecue made by Mr. Cagle as well as his homemade BBQ sauce. Plenty of snacks, turkey, beans, meatballs, etc. We also had "blonde" sangria which was great. I have to get the recipe. Lots of beer and wine. Everyone had a great time. The wedding couple looked beautiful. My daughter, son-in-law, grandgirls as well as their father and most of his family. Lots of friends. My Mom and all the Cagle clan. We were all festive in our "tropical prints".

Sunday was a nice day. Stayed home and cleaned out a closet. Will be taking those things to Goodwill store. 2 very large containers worth. Amazing how much you really do not use that is stuffed in your closet. Also started on a flower bed outside, it needed weeding, and I am putting down newspaper as a weed retardent, arranging pavers on top and then putting down pebbles and mulch. I may use that new kind made from recycled tires??? It could be pricey. We will see. It was really humid yesterday. I was drenched and did not even stay outside that long at a time.
But it really felt good to do some yard work.

Having some coffee and getting ready for work. The sun is coming up and it looks like a glorious day. God is good.

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