Start Your Day with Coffee and a Prayer

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Daddy is no longer here for me to say I love you and talk with. He died early at age 57, I will be 57 in October. If he was here now I wonder if I could open up and talk with him about things I never discussed when he was alive. I wonder if I could tell him what he did wrong. I wonder if it would matter to him now. I wonder. But wondering only makes tears swell up in my eyes. I am saddened that my adult life with him was so short and that it took me so long to really see him as a person. One thing I do know no matter how old I am is that my parents are my parents; not friends, buddies, or peers but those people in my life that raised me. As a child no matter what your age or how many children you have of your own there is always that pecking order. Parent and child. We must respect them for who they are and the position God gave them. Sure we would like to tell them what they did wrong and how we feel about it but it would not make a bit of difference. One thing I know, they did the best they could with what they knew at the time. I miss you Daddy. If I had one more minute of your time, I would just say I love you.

Happy Father's Day to all you men out there doing the best you can with what you know at the time.

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