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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project Den--the books.

I am in the middle of a project. My den which is really my garage is getting painted by me. I have been putting off cleaning up this room for a while. I decided to start painting and you know how that is, you have to move things around to get to the walls. I had 3 bookshelves completely, I mean overfilled with books. I had to sort through them and decide what to keep. I ended up with 3 huge containers filled with books. I kept 2 bookcases and as I was painting one wall I moved them over to the freshly painted wall. Now 2 bookcases full.  Last night I took the books to Goodwill. I asked him if he was strong, he had to lift the containers which he did. I wanted the containers back. So off I go into the store, you know I have to look. Found a great jean jacket, it was just waiting for me, right size, etc. Oh yeah yesterday was senior citizens day, over 55, yea, 25% off.  Would you not believe I went straight to the books. What is wrong with me. I made myself leave that area. I saw a purse I donated and had to remember not to buy it back.

So what is wrong with a person who constantly thinks she has to have a bargain. I must leave so others can shop. My new motto.  Oh and before going to the Goodwill I went to Walmart, big mistake. Most of my cart was groceries but still the final amount was way too much. I will never be able to semi-retire if I keep going to Walmart.

Will continue my project saga, I even took pics to see my progress. Will post later.

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. My husband and I have a motto about Walmart "they charge us at least $100 to leave!"

    Good deal on getting your den painted.

    Wanted to tell you that Jolie is a registered dapple gray American Quarter Horse.

    Thanks for your visits my blog.

  2. I Love a bargain!! And WalMart is EVIL!!!Hahahaa...hughugs

  3. Good for you to tackle this project. I'm a lover of books but have to highgrade some out, the RV is getting too heavy. But how can you pass up a good deal at a thrift store?

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that, give a big pile of books to good will then go in and look at more books! Bargains are always good but I have to control myself not to buy things I don't need.
    I like your motto, I will try to remember that!