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Sunday, November 8, 2009

My World this Weekend

I have had a truly beautiful weekend. It all started Friday morning when I woke up dizzy. I just could not get it together and drive to work. So I called in sick. No problem. Have not taken a sick day all year. Later in the afternoon I felt better and cut the grass and leaves in the front yard. I felt like a little fresh air and exercise was in order. Friday I had promised my granddaughter we would go to a wedding reception at the local Indian Hindu temple. A young girl was married in India 3 months ago and invited me to a small wedding reception. 

On Saturday I just cleaned up the leaves in the back yard and had a nice relaxing day.

Today I visited a monastery (Monastery of the Holy Spirt in Conyers, GA) and was just planning on taking pictures around the grounds but got to go in the beautiful cathedral and hear The University of Georgia chorus, concert choir and symphony orchestra. Music consisted of the following:  Five Negro Spirituals from A child of our time by Michael Tippet. These are beautiful songs: Steal away to Jesus, Nobody knows the trouble I see, Go down, Moses, By and By and Deep River. Also Dixit Dominus by George Frideric Handel and Mass in B-flat Major, Harmoniemesse by Joseph Haydn. It was beautiful.  Could not have planned it better. The acoustics were terrific.

I did take pictures of the stained glass and the outside gardens.  They had a ginkgo tree. The most beautiful yellow tree. The leaves would fall around you so gently, it was like snowflakes. I really enjoyed my weekned. 

This is the large piece of glass as you look forward. It is just beautiful.

Some very colorful pieces of glass. There were many.

Facing behind you. The balcony. Beautiful architecture.

Yellow snowflakes. Ginkgo Tree.

Mother and Child

A close up. So sweet--just like a mother and her baby.


  1. So many beautiful stained glass windows. Great post.

  2. Glad you are feeling much better. Love all the pictures. The stained glass is beautiful.

  3. The stained glass windows are amazing, and the Ginkgo tree is beautiful. Glad you are feeling better.
    Sunny :)

  4. The "bones" of that cathedral are beautiful. The stained glass alone was worth the visit! Glad you also got to hear a wonderful concert and tour the grounds.

    PS Yes, the Denver Botanic Garden is open year-round. In May, bulbs will be blooming (of course, there could also be snow!).

  5. A beautiful place, the stained glass windows are gorgeous. I love you photo of the ginkgo, I bet those leaves do fall like snowflakes. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, take good care of yourself.

  6. Wonderful pictures! Don't you just love a day like that...spending time in a beautiful place? Sorry you weren't feeling well be glad you're better. This is a pretty blog and I'm looking forward to reading more.

  7. Beautiful stained glass! And the ginko shot is beautiful.

  8. Very lovely Church, its stained glass is superb. ginko trees are very pretty at fall time.