Start Your Day with Coffee and a Prayer

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Got back last night from our road trip. It was quite a journey. Had some car trouble but all in all everyone including the dog enjoyed the trip.  God was definitely in control.  For this I am thankful.

Everyone have a wonderful day where ever you are. It is going to be a beautiful day here in Georgia.

"Trimming the Pie" by Joseph Christian Levendecker 1935


  1. Glad to hear you made it home safely, that is always good.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. Sounds like you had a road trip adventure. Glad you made it home OK.

    I put word verification back on because I've been getting some comment spam. It will go away again soon.

    Have a great Thanksgiving day!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you tooooo!!!hughugs

  5. Glad you are safely home after a nice Thanksgiving holiday. We are also back in CO from our trip to UT. It's wonderful to travel and also good to get back home!

  6. This Thanksgiving sure sounds like fun.