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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Watery Wednesday

As we are driving over the bridge in Brunswick, Georgia, the rain is coming down. My granddaughter takes pictures through the front windshield of the car. I like the effect. Good combination of the architecture of the bridge and water falling from the sky.

For more pictures of watery wednesday go to hosted by


  1. I agree with you,that is lovely!The link at watery wednesday is not working today...wonder what happened.Mine is posted.

  2. She did a good job on the picture taking. Like them.

  3. Very nice pictures; a good contrast between the lines of the bridge and the random droplets.

  4. That is a beautiful bridge. I agree the raindrops do give it a very special quality, I really like it.

  5. Great pictures of the bridge in the rain.
    Thanks for commenting on my Wyoming blog, it is fun meeting people from all over our country and beyond.