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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Remember the film "Somewhere in Time"

Ruby Tuesday @

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A little red in the shop window for Ruby Tuesday. This was a souvenir shop on Mackinac Island, MI. Do you remember the film "Somewhere in Time". It was filmed on the island and this shop was in one of the scenes where Christopher Reeves was looking for a coin. I was very impressed with this fact. I love to go places where movies were shot. Notice the reflections in the window. This was the Sunday before Labor Day. The island was very busy. Lots of bicycles. There are no cars on the island, just horses, wagons and bicycles.
By the way my friend did very well in surgery today. As always I appreciate your comments. Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Beautiful photo, I really like the reflections of the street. What a lovely little town. That was a really good movie too.

    I just read your post below about your friend, glad to hear the surgery went well.

    Sorry to have gotten so behind on comments, I am trying to get some last minute yard clean up done before our weather turns nasty.


  2. I LOVE the reflection pic!! That is so cool. I always get so sad when I think of Christopher Reeve. Bless his heart. That was a great movie!!

  3. Lovely street scene reflections. What a great idea, no cars.

  4. Behind the windows
    lie treasures for the finding—
    come in, browse a while.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  5. My husbsnd visited Mackinac island often as a child. I would like to visit someday.