Start Your Day with Coffee and a Prayer

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Taking responsibility for yourself.

One of my favorite children's books is "The Little Red Hen".   If no one will help then they will not get any bread.  I have a strong issue with mankind, that is be responsible for yourself.  Not only are you responsible and accountable for your actions but you should never do anything (at least consciously) to cause injury to another.  Why can't co-workers be responsible and stop passing the buck.  So back to the "The Little Red Hen", I really like her. She was also strong to her word. Pig, cow, etc did not get any bread.


  1. I loved that book, too!! I feel the same way. I always do more than I'm supposed to and I expect the people I work with to at least do their share.

    Or they don't get no bread!!

  2. Too many folks are not responsible any more. So true.