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Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I am in the mood to spring clean just wish my stamina was there. I remember when I was younger I would clean and clean. No big deal. Just put on some music, open the windows and go to town. Now I seem to have too much stuff. I feel like my spring cleaning is more than just wiping, vaccuming, moving things around--I want to do some major downsizing, have a yard sale, move it out to somebody else's house. I know I am not the only one who feels this way but where do I start.

Oh well to work I go and dream about spring cleaning. Maybe I should start with my little office at work. I have a Swiffer in my drawer just waiting to dust.  Have a happy weekend.

Happy just dusting and cleaning.

I love these pics from, I can always find something appropriate for my blog.


  1. If you get any cleaning energy - come to my house!

  2. Still trying to find that energy. I really like the elephant.

  3. Your dreams are my dreams too - I often wonder how one person could have accumulated so much stuff, and I don't think I'd miss half of it. I want to travel lighter, but its hard to find the energy (and time!) to start clearing out. Love the elephant!

  4. Now a days, if you set stuff out to do a spring cleaning - somebody would come by and haul it off!