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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My son is 32 today

My son was born in Gastonia, NC, 32 years ago today.  It was Friday the 13th and I named him Jonah Aaron. Love that name. He was the most laid back kid. When he was 9 months I got pregnant with Alecia and that made them very close in age. Jonah was always so good with Alecia. I remember one time she was just crawling and I heard him calling Moma. It sounded a little funny. I found him holding her diaper as she was about to go out the back door. There was a small stoop and about 12 concrete steps with no hand rail. He was saving her life and mine. He has always been such a great kid. Alecia loves tells stories on him. Apparently he was like all other teenagers, sneaking around and such. Luckily no real trouble and all is well now. He has his own life, married and a good job. He is very active. He loves moutain biking, motorcycles, soccer and his wife loves being active as well.  I wish him a good life. He has been 1 of my 2 jewels. I will love you always Jonah.

Jonah at 7 days old


  1. Happy Bday Jonah! He sounds like a very good son.

  2. A very happy, but belated, birthday to Jonah.