Start Your Day with Coffee and a Prayer

Sunday, January 3, 2010

May everyone have a very Happy New Year

It has been a nice long weekend. Did a little extra work at home so I would not be so far behind come tomorrow. The weather has been very chilly but the sun came out this weekend making it a beautiful day. I am very happy to have a nice warm home to come in to and food in the pantry and frig. Thankful for my job and my family. I suppose the best way to start the new year is with thankfulness by counting those blessings every day.

Posting a few pictures of fireworks from New Year's Eve. Jumped out of bed and drove over to the mall around 11:30 just to see them. It was a bit foggy but still enjoyed them.

January 1, 2010


  1. Love the fireworks. I slept right thru the New Year, once again.

    May your new year be grand!

  2. Fireworks are beautiful. We used to buy them at the Fourth of July & save them to set off on New Year's, but it got to be more important to go to bed earlier than 12:30 or later in the morning. One of the consequences of getting older, I suppose!

  3. Great fireworks, the fog gives them an interesting look. It was pretty quiet here, no organized show this year. I heard very few all evening but the freezing rain we had late in the afternoon might have had something to do with that.

  4. Love the fireworks. I think we went to sleep before 8pm. Not much on bringing in the new year.

  5. Happy New Year to you, Ms Fiddlesticks. Your photos are very beautiful.