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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow comes and goes

The snow is almost gone. Just a bit here and there. Yesterday was warm and most of it melted. It just dripped off everything all day. Today the same. This was our 2nd snow of the season. It was really pretty coming down Friday afternoon. Just filled in everywhere. About 4 inches.  Georgia is a very odd place sometimes for weather. About now everybody wants spring. I like winter, so of course I want it to last a while longer. I noticed my neighbor next door has daffodils coming up.

Some more pictures today of almost melted away.

What are these? I think they are coyotte. These tracks go right up to a fence, looks like he was running and might have jumped the fence.   I have seen one in the back yard. 


  1. Whoops - I commented, and I think it disappeared! I believe those are bunny tracks - they are triangular (or heart) shaped - the back feet make the long marks and the front paws come together looking like one mark. This one may have been running away from the coyote!

  2. Strangest looking tracks ever, the stride between them was 2 feet or so. You never know what has been in your yard unless you have some snow and lots of mud.

  3. I have to agree with Barb about bunny tracks. Your snow shots have been very pretty, but I'm not particularly a winter fan. Thank goodness we've only a tiny bit of the white stuff this winter.

  4. Yes, strange weather this year. We got 2 snows here in MS. Never happened before in my lifetime.