Start Your Day with Coffee and a Prayer

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday morning at the wetlands.

Sludge looking water at the beginning of walk.

Canadian Geese

Swimming away.

Major honkers.

Racoon footprints.

Old farming tools found on property.

Interpretive area built by Eagle Scouts.

I love duckweed.

This past Saturday we went for a walk at the Newman Wetlands located in Hampton, GA.  This area was restored in 1995 by the county water authority to preserve wetlands and their habitat.  It is a very peaceful area, nice to just come (not too far from home) and relax. 


  1. Those Canadian geese look elegant! have a nice week ahead! :)

  2. I'm thinking of planting some duckweed this summer in my stream - I wonder if it would survive our winters? Your photos are wonderful - love the Raccoon tracks.

  3. What a nice place to visit. The water looks high. Nice capture of the tracks and geese.

  4. I love walking on boardwalks in wetlands. Very relaxing. Great shots of the birdlife in your wetland area.

  5. I so love to have those old farm tools. Would make great yard art!

  6. Howdee!
    Finally able to catch up with you and your blog...Great pics of the Geese...looks like a very lovely area! I do like the sludgy stuff and the design it made.