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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A bit of southern history for Ruby Tuesday

A small town in Georgia called Monticello, south of Atlanta. There is a memorial to the confederate soldiers. Georgia is full of historical sites about the war between the states.  I really loved one of the saying on the side of the monument. There is a little red from the brick store in the square. Also there were rose bushes planted all along the outer portion of the monument. I will go back in the summer and get a picture of them in full bloom.

"Crowns of roses fade. Crowns of thorns endure. Calvaries and crucifixions take deepest hold of humanity. The triumphs of night are transient. They pass and are forgotten. The sufferings of right are graven deepest on the chronicle of nations."

To the confederate soldiers of Jasper County, the record of whose sublime self-sacrifice and undying devotion to duty, in the service of their county, is the proud heritage of a loyal posterity. "In legend and law, our heroes in gray shall forever live over again for us".

These monuments were always done in loving memory to those that served and lost their lives.


  1. Thanks for sharing, very nice post and great photos:)
    Happy tuesday

  2. Very interesting. We have a Monticello in MS, not too far down the road from our house.

  3. That's just wonderful!! We love traveling to historic places so maybe we can take a trip down that way, soon. We have a Monticello in Minnesota, too!!

  4. Thanks for taking me on a little trip. Speaking of trips, anytime you are up in Maine would love to show you around 10 Goodwills in 25 miles. Have a good day. Thanks for stopping by my post.

  5. Just passed through Atlanta on our way back to Co from FL. Blue skies are looking good!