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Saturday, December 19, 2009

KISS (Keep It Simple Susie)

This is the last weekend before Christmas. Shopping for gifts, and shopping for food. About this time you have either wrapped the last present and on your way to cooking the last of the sweets. My motto is keep it simple. I know those recipes look tempting and those ads tell you to come on back and buy something else but you probably have enough already. By keeping things simple you put less pressure on yourself and now you have time to really enjoy the season.

Tomorrow we will have our Family Christmas. We have exchanged names and that makes shopping easier. I have the 2 daughters and my Mom bringing a side. I will cook the meat, rolls, potatoes and carrots. I have decided that my house does not have to be perfect. I am really looking forward to another day with my little family.

May you have a peaceful weekend, remember whose birthday it really is and KISS.

I don't think this is Susie, maybe her cat is called Susie.

Picture came from titled -- Mrs. Yandle Cooking on Coal Stove, Yacolt Mt, Future Recipients of Electricity from Bonneville Dam   by Alfred Eisenstaedt


  1. That old-time photo is a good reminder that we really do have it pretty easy. Have a fine visit with your Family.

  2. I like the KISS principle. I've been in Yacolt Washington, great photo. Have a great time with family.

  3. Imagine trying to cook dinner for a crowd with that stove. I'll bet Mrs. Yandle was very happy when Bonneville threw the switch.

    We are planning a very quiet Christmas this year. I'm doing my best to KISS this year.

  4. That sounds like a good plan.

    Have a great one!

  5. Hope you have a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Fantastic New year!
    ♥.•*¨* *¨*•.♥