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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Gift for you

This time of year can bring on many emotions. A lot of people feel that they cannot buy enough for their families, they get in debt and the expectations of euphoria explode and they are empty. Shopping is fun this time of year but really not a necessity. For families with young children they put so much pressure on themselves that the true meaning of Christmas seems to fade in the christmas presents opened and laid aside. Usually the child finds one toy they really love and play with it the whole day.  Commercialism has it place but we all need to put it in its place. Take a few minutes to stop and remember what Christmas is all about. God's precious gift to mankind, his Son. Not only is it time to read the story of the birth but remember the shadow of the cross.  That is where the true gift lies. He loved us and gave His sacrifice, the ultimate gift. No store bought, handmade, or kitchen sweet concoction can ever measure up to that one gift to all. So do not be overwhelmed by this time of year. The best gift has already been given and all you have to do is receive it, untie the bow, and hold it close to your heart.


  1. A great post for the season. I see so many people spending money they don't have for gifts and going deeper into debt.

    We have been cutting back gradually over the past few years. This year everything will be kept small from the gifts to the celebration. Just getting together with family and friends will be the way we spend the holidays.

  2. It is certainly over commercialised.

  3. Very true. Have a Merry Christmas.


  4. Very sweet post!! Merry Christmas to you, too!!