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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Traveling with a dog....

When we went on the 2 day car trip I had to take Daisy with me. She is part Maltese. Good natured dog. Easy to travel with but the problems occur when you are trying to find a place to stay the night (all Motel 6 take dogs), eating in a restaurant, going in shops, etc. When it is hot out, you have to be very careful about leaving the dog in the car. Find a shady spot, keep windows 1/4th down and make sure she has water. Hopefully it will be cool enough but you really have to make sure. My dog does not bark in the car. She knows I will be coming back but she will absolutely not be quiet in the motel room. She thinks you have left her for good. No security at all. I would really like to know what problems other people encounter when they travel and how they get around it. I see so many that have pets and it seems that they travel with them a lot. I saw a lady with 2 small dogs in a little stroller like pet carrier, so cute, another one had her dog in a sling like you would use with a baby. The world of dog/people travelers is very interesting. I really would rather my dog stay home where I know she is safe.

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