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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Food for thought.....

My neighbors have decided to move to northern California. The husband is originally from there. I think they are really excited. They are older but so ready for the move. Life is different there. They said they could breathe easier. It is humid here in the south.....
Magnolia trees are great here in the south.

This really has me thinking that if we do not make decisions when we can then we may miss the chance. I will be 57 this year. Work time is not very much. Even if I work until 67 that is only 10 yrs. I need to make some grown up decisions about me. What I can do now to prepare for a life with very little income. Working in a small medical practice does not offer me a "pension". 401-Ks are a little bit rough right now and should we really count on them. I am ready for some creative thinking. I have come across some interesting sites lately about finances, spending, not spending, living without buying something new, etc. Some of these are extreme. One girl lived in London and was getting her food out of the garbage. Her take on it made some sense but what it boiled down to was getting your food out of the garbage. Yuck. So what the common woman should do is think before spending. Start the "savings account" like I did when I had my first job, age 14. Put a little money away each day. Go on a budget. I could probably right now eat from my pantry for a month or so. I may not like it but I would not starve.

Food for thought; not from the garbage but from the full pantry. God bless us.

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  1. A very interesting post. This is something we all seem to be facing with the current economy.

    I see you are in Georgia, I grew in Haralson County.

    Have a wonderful day,