Start Your Day with Coffee and a Prayer

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life with a capital L

So much has been going on lately.  Had a few strange things happen that needed medical attention. So I have had blood work, stool specimens, colonoscopy, CT scan of abdomen, endoscopy, now more blood work and oh since I had been very neglectful of my mammogram and pap smear, had that done also in the mist. So far all is negative except for liver on CT scan. It is probably fatty liver since I have a lot of fat on this bod and so the need for more special blood work.  Enough I think.  Up, down and all around.

Now on to better and more interesting life stories. Remember how I met up with long lost friend of 30 yrs, well in Dec we planned a cruise and next Friday we leave for LA, rent a car for the day, explore the city, and leave on our cruise of 7 days on Sat.  We go to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. Yummy.

Finished packing today. Will do all the nitty gritty in the next few days such as holding mail on line, paying all bills that come in, clean up house (maybe), etc.  Cannot believe I actually got clothes and all in a carry on. Hopefully I can put it in the over head bin on plane unless a kind tall stranger will assist which I will kindly accept.

FB can be a very good thing. Hooking up with long lost friends does not always happen but still I have found many from different places in my life. Remembering names is the hard part.

Life is quite an experience. So much is going on around us, happy to tragic. Send up prayers as the thought comes along.


  1. Enjoy your trip after all those tests! You deserve it.

  2. Sorry you've had to go thru all those tests.

    Have fun on your cruise.