Start Your Day with Coffee and a Prayer

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Memory lane is fun.

Getting really excited to see my old friend Becky. It has been a long time, probably 25 yrs or more. We are meeting Friday the 5th in Las Vegas. Went through pics last Sat and had a great time with myself--laughing and remembering high school. Unfortunately I had no pics of Becky back in the day. Found all sorts of memorabilia from high school. I even have my panty hose from graduation, go figure. I think that was an accident that I kept them.  I listed all the gifts I received from graduation. A little money, slips, panties, luggage, shorts outfit, really odd things compared to today's standards except for the money. I am so glad I hung on to those things including the panty hose.


  1. Glad you are getting to see your friend. I haven't kept up with anyone from high school. Only had a couple of friends anyway.

    Life got busy and we went different ways.

  2. Have a great time in Vegas. And remember, what happens in Vegas stays there.

  3. Well, I'm sure you're back by now...did you have fun? Did you and Becky recognize each other? I love that you kept all those graduation gifts!