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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Utah Trip

Pink Coral Sand Dunes (west of Kanab)

Behind on my blog page. Been a little busy. Week before Memorial Day went to Las Vegas. This is really not my scene but had to have a starting place for southeast Utah road trip. My friend from work, Tina and I planned a camping trip to the beautiful National Parks of Utah. Flew in to LV. Picked up our car. We got upgraded to a brand new Mustang convertible with only 4.5 miles on it. We broke it in very well by putting 1500 on it. Took off the next morning to Zion spent 2 nights at a campground just outside the park. Lovely. Then off to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.

Las Vegas Strip

Zion NP

To be continued........


  1. Sure have wondered where you've been. Now I know that you were right in my backyard. Sure wish we could have met at the North Rim.

    I thought the Pink Coral Sand Dunes were amazing with the sweeps and vegetation. Plus Zion's towering cliffs humbled me. I could do without Vegas.

    Look forward to more of your adventure, in the snazzy Mustang convert.

  2. How wonderful - a road trip to some beautiful sites in UT! I look forward to your further photos. Hope you include one of you and your wheels...